Graphic Manual
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Visual Style

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30. 05. 2017





Visual style

Business printed materials


Letterhead paper

The letterhead paper serves for basic business communication of the IAOT. The logo in the standard colour design is in the top right corner – see Logo – Colour design, in the 100% size – see The dimensional range. The contact information in the company blue colour Pantone Process Blue and Black – see The IAOT colours are printed in the footer. The text in the footer is printed in the RePublic CE font – see Additional type, size 8, spacing 11. The information in the footer includes the name of the company, address, contact details and information about court registration. This information is printed on an offset bleached paper of 100 g/m2 surface density.



The specific text for the header is altered to match the regulations of individual countries. It is made with a special template and is then printed onto the letterhead. The text is printed in Arial CE Regular – see Main type, size 9, spacing 12. If the text exceeds the length of one page, it continues onto another page of the pre-printed letterhead paper. The text concludes with a final greeting and a signature of the sender.


Special applications

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