Graphic Manual
of the Uniform
Visual Style

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30. 05. 2017





Visual style

Business printed materials


Business card

Business cards are a very important element of the visual presentation of the IAOT and are the same for each employee. The format of the business cards is 85 x 55 mm, the print being in the standard IAOT colours – Pantone Process Blue and black on a white paper of 300 g/m2 surface density. The logo in the standard colour design in the top right corner – see Logo – Colour design in the 65% size – see The dimensional range.



The text in aligned to the left. The information on the business card includes name, position, company, address, contact information, e-mail address and the IAOT website. The name of the employee and the company name are printed in the RePublic CE Bold font – see Additional type, size 7, spacing 10. The position and the contact information are printed in the RePublic CE Regular font, size 7, spacing 10.


Special applications

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